The independent hospital in Bhubneswar for comprehensive urological problems, UTI and urinary continence . Dr. Neeta’s Hospital in urology offers Holistic approach (360 degrees patient centered treatment) for advanced Female urology, UTI, kidney stones, prostate cancer ,testicular cancer, kidney cancer, Andrology, Urinary Incontinence  surgeries for for all the urological rehabilitation services to patients of all ages.

Designed to function like an independent hospital, the hospital has an outpatient wing, an inpatient wing, a daycare unit, approved equipment, interventional hybrid operation theatre, state-of-the-art 24-hour emergency division for handling all urological emergencies including UTI and urinary incontinence. The hospitality of the facility ensures quick and personalized medical attention.

Dr.Neeta Verma, urologist who finished all the subspecialties in urology and trained in London. Multidisciplinary in approach, she will ensure optimal and evidence-based treatment, with the support of specialty-trained rehabilitation therapists. We also offer Kidney stone treatment ,prostate cancer treatment, General Medicine, General Surgery, Critical Care, testicular cancer.

State-of-the-art in terms of technology and clinical support, Dr. Neeta’s clinic in urology.